Putting America Under A Magnifying Glass: Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome’

Donna Anderson
June 24, 2013

Stephen King’s “Under the Dome,” a blockbuster novel that’s been turned into a TV series, premiers on CBS tonight at 10 p.m. Labeled as “science fiction” because of the mechanics of the dome itself, it should also be filed on the “Political Science” shelves because it magnifies the government corruption and societal malaise taking place all across America today.

Unlike many of today’s popular TV shows, “Under the Dome” has no sparkling vampires, hunky werewolves or sexy witches. There’s no magic, no sorcery and no “game.” You can’t turn off the show at the end of the hour and say to yourself, “Whew! That was scary. Thank goodness it’s not real!” because this monster IS real and it’s under every bed in every city and every town across America.

The story opens on the sleepy town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, an average little community much like tens of thousands of other communities all over the nation, probably very similar to the town you live in. There’s a grocery store, a post office, a popular diner and bar, even a privately-owned small-town newspaper, and like most small towns, everybody believes that “the government” has everything under control.

Suddenly, on a bright, beautiful October day, Chester’s Mill is blanketed by a huge impenetrable dome that drops from the sky. There is no entry — or exit — by land, water or air. No one gets in, no one gets out, and the people are on their own.

“Under the Dome” asks the question: What would happen in an average, idyllic little town if it were suddenly cut off from the world? What would happen to families? What would happen to trade? What would happen to society as a whole, and how would it affect individuals? And most important, what would happen to the monster under the bed if there were no outside forces available to keep it at bay?

The monster under the bed of course is the government. In this case, it’s “Big Jim” Rennie, a used car salesman and Chester’s Mill’s Second Selectman. Rennie is the most influential person in town and he chooses to be Second Selectman — instead of Mayor — because the position provides him the cover of “plausible deniability.”

You see, Big Jim has his finger in many pies. He’s put together a gang of greedy, corrupt local businessmen and they’re running the biggest meth lab in the country, socking away millions of dollars in offshore accounts. Included in the group are the local pharmacist, local business owners, and the local law enforcement officials.

Big Jim quietly controls who gets a bank loan, who gets arrested, who gets drugs, what local government agencies get new equipment, who gets screwed, and who gets run out of town on a rail. But in all of his nefarious activities he’s safe from prosecution because of his position of plausible deniability. He’s not the one in charge and he can always, always pass the buck.

Sound familiar? Only to those Americans who’ve been paying attention. To most, “Under the Dome” will just be another thrilling Stephen King novel transformed for television. But to informed Americans it’s a mirror image of what’s happening in America and in most towns across the nation.

Although he makes no mention of it specifically in any of his interviews, Big Jim Rennie and President Barack Obama are one and the same. Both greedy, power-hungry, master-manipulators on a mission to control everyone and everything within their sphere of influence. They both answer only to the people with the money and they charge a hefty fee for their compliance. The only difference is — Obama’s sphere is much, much larger than Chester’s Mill, Maine. Obama’s sphere encompasses the entire world.

When the dome drops, the citizens of Chester’s Mill don’t really panic at all. It’s an inconvenience, to be sure, but they believe that if everyone just remains calm and let’s Big Jim Rennie handle it, everything will turn out fine in the end. After all, they elected him because he’s the guy who always “gets things done.”

Only three people understand the full ramifications of being cut off from the world with Jim Rennie in charge.

The first is another of the town’s Selectman. Big Jim Rennie uses the local pharmacist to keep her stoned on pain-killers, turning her into a mindless zombie who can no longer function coherently to sway public opinion. She goes along with whatever Rennie says because he controls her drugs and the drugs control her. Intellectually, she knows Rennie is evil and corrupt but if she tries to step in he’ll cut off her drugs.

The second is the owner of the town’s only newspaper. So far, she’s left Rennie alone, too, even though she knows he’s just a power-hungry tyrant, up to no good. Life is good, why make waves? And so far, Big Jim’s left her alone because she’s “the press.” While destroying her and her newspaper is one of his key goals, the timing’s not right. The people of Chester’s Mill still believe Big Jim represents safety, security, and the American Dream and that’s just the way he wants to keep it.

The third person who immediately understands that the people of Chester’s Mill are encased in a dome with an egotistical, maniacal tyrant is Dale Barbie, a former Army lieutenant, back from Iraq with a few problems of his own. Rennie doesn’t like him because he knows Barbie can see right through him and he already gave Barbie his walking papers. But, on his way out of town Barbie gets trapped inside the dome with the rest of the citizens of Chester’s Mill, the only real threat to Big Jim Rennie.

Once the dome drops, making Rennie the king of his realm, his delusions of grandeur kick into overdrive. He builds a stockpile of propane and keeps it hidden away from the citizens. He closes the local grocery store and stages a riot so the citizens can see that even though these are fearful times, Big Jim Rennie has the situation under control.

Big Jim also criminalizes and sets out to destroy his detractors, his whistleblowers, namely Dale Barbie, the drugged-up Selectman and the owner of the town’s only newspaper. While doing so he frequently twists Scripture to rationalize his actions and the people of Chester’s Mill, being average, God-fearing folks, buy into it hook, line and sinker.

Watch “Under the Dome” closely and you’ll see mirror images of what’s happening in America today. Look at Eric Snowden and Michael Hastings and you’ll see we have Obama criminalizing — and destroying — members of the media who dare to speak out against him, his administration, and his tactics. And most of America is willing to accept it because Obama is the President and he’s just doing what any good president would do, guarding our safety, security, and the American Dream.

Look at Obamacare and Big Pharma and you’ll see we’re a nation that’s become addicted to drugs and professional medical assistance. We’re willing to accept the demands of the Affordable Healthcare Act if it means we can keep getting our pain killers, our anti-biotics, our flu shots and vaccines, and immediate attention from a medical professional who’s willing to keep on writing those prescriptions.

We’re elated when Obama tells the Federal Reserve to print more money because it means there’s going to be more money in circulation. But it’s eaten up by increased taxes for things like Obamacare and the Immigration Reform bill, and it’s syphoned off to the Big Businesses and Big Banks who don’t have to pay taxes because they’re sheltering their income in offshore accounts.

Once reality sets in, the people of Chester’s Mill begin to grow anxious. What’s going to happen if the food or propane runs out? What if they can’t get the drugs they need?

In order to control the town and keep rebellion at bay, Big Jim increases the size of the police force, arming teenage bullies who like nothing better than bashing in the heads of anybody who tries to make a stand. Now, take a look at what Obama has done with our own “police force,” the National Security Agency.

In the name of “National Security” Obama has done everything Big Jim Rennie does in “Under the Dome”, only on a much larger scale. TSA agents accost us at airports and bus terminals with nude body scanners and offensive pat-downs. Homeland Security agents can legally break down our doors any time, day or night, with no probable cause or suspicion. Journalists and reporters are harassed, criminalized and killed because they dare to speak out. Terrorist events are created out of thin air, shootings are blamed on the guns instead of the shooters, our phones are tapped, our privacy violated, and Obama even controls our food supply.

But don’t for a second believe it’s only happening on a national scale so it doesn’t affect you, because it’s happening on the state and local levels, too. Local officials who buy into Obama’s mind control program have no problem criminalizing kids who make guns out of Pop-Tarts or wear T-shirts supporting the NRA. They have no problem putting fluoride in your water or forcing you to place a smart meter on your home. They legislate what you can drink, what you can eat, where you can walk and what you can wear while you’re walking.

If you think “Under the Dome” is scary then you’re not paying attention to the real world around you. If your friends say, “Man! I’m glad that’s not happening here!” then you need to tell them to wake up because it IS happening here, right now, in every city and town in America.

Anyone who disagrees with the government is criminalized and labeled an extremist.



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