‘Press TV reveals suppressed info’

Political commentator Scott Rickard says Iranâ„¢s English news channel Press TV reveals information suppressed by media in the United States.

Å“The kind of Information that Press TV is revealing is a kind of information that is being suppressed in American media. There is a lot of things that are being suppressed… Thankfully, RT (Russia Today), Press TV and some of the international media outlets are covering this in detail,” the former US intelligence linguist told Press TV on Saturday.

On June 19, communications satellite services provider Intelsat said it will no longer provide services to Iranian channels, including the English-language news channel, Press TV. The decision has been made under the pretext that the company should be abiding by the sanctions against the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

Intelsat noted that it has been ordered by the US government to avoid extending IRIBâ„¢s license, saying that it will stop providing services to Iranian channels as of July 1.

Referring to the US crackdown on whistleblowers that Å“reveal war crimes and reveal crimes against humanity and also reveal crimes against the United States citizens with illegal surveillance,” Rickard said there is no freedom of speech in the United States.

The Israeli lobby in the United States has openly supported the attempt to silence the voice of Iranian media in Europe.

Rickard said Israel is greatly influencing the recent trend against the Press TV and is welcoming any anti-Iranian move.

Å“You cannot discount the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby in American media, in American foreign policy and also in American industry, especially in American finance,” the political commentator added.

Å“The financial community is extremely pro-Israeli, the media community is extremely pro-Israeli… and to be critical of the United States almost cost[s] you your job,” Rickard added.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV