Poll: Anger at US shutdown still boils

The poll asked �œDo you think the member of Congress from your congressional district deserves to be reelected, or not?”

A new poll shows that the American people are as angry with their lawmakers as they were during the US government shutdown last month.

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll shows that only 22 percent of Americans believe their district�™s member of Congress deserves reelection while 31 percent say they are not sure if they should return and almost half, 48 percent, do not want them to be reelected at all.

Moreover, only 7 percent of respondents said most members of Congress deserve reelection and 73 percent said they do not.

The survey showed frustration with Congress was almost the same across all parties as only 27 percent of Republicans, 25 percent of Democrats and a mere 17 percent of independents said their own member of Congress deserves reelection.

On October 1, large functions of US government shut down as congressional Republicans and Democrats refused to agree on a temporary spending bill that would keep the government funded.

According to a Standard & Poor�™s analysis, the 16-day government shutdown cost the nation�™s economy at least $24 billion.

During the shutdown and even after a short-term deal was reached between Republicans and Democrats to reopen the government, poll after poll showed Americans were not satisfied with the way the nation was being governed and believed both Republicans and Democrats were doing a poor job.

A Gallup poll revealed that 60 percent of Americans said their country needed a third major party because the Democratic and Republican parties do such a poor job that they cannot adequately represent the American people.


Source: Press TV