Police colonel killed in Libya


A police colonel has been killed in a bomb explosion in Libya™s eastern city of Benghazi, the latest in a series of violent attacks in the country, security sources say.

The blast took place on Tuesday.

“Colonel Salem al-Orfi was killed when his car exploded in the Assalam neighborhood. One person who was driving was seriously injured,” said security services spokesman Colonel Abdullah al-Zayedi.

Zayedi said that an investigation was underway as it was still not clear whether the incident was caused by œan explosive device placed on the car or rocket fire.”

According to the spokesman, Orfi had worked with Libya™s Internal Security Agency, a body that kept track of opponents to the regime of former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

Military officers, soldiers, doctors, and judges have been targeted in a number of recent attacks in the country.

On September 9, unidentified armed men attacked an army vehicle near the coastal city of Sirte, carrying two soldiers and injuring a third one.

Last month, unidentified gunmen shot and killed Libyan army colonel, Mustafa al-Aguili, in a drive-by shooting in Benghazi.

Unknown assailants also shot dead a Libyan doctor, who hosted a television program on human development, in Benghazi, on August 9.

In February 2011, Libyans rose up against former dictator Muammar Gaddafi™s four-decade rule and deposed him in August, 2011. He was slain in his hometown of Sirte on October 20 of the same year.


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