To All People in Ukraine, The US Regime Cares Not a Wit About You

Dave Lefcourt

This new “cold war” the US regime has declared on Russia is unnecessary mischievousness cooked by Washington over the events in Ukraine.

It’s claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin is attempting to reconstitute the old Soviet Union-apparently using Putin’s offhand remark it was unfortunate for the Soviet Union to collapse or words to that effect-is a pretext built on neo-con fantasy which is in control in Washington.

And now it’s the state of affairs of neo-con inspired US policy. Everything is contrived, distorted, misrepresented even invented to conflate anything but the truth while the complicit corporate media gives its rendition that mirrors the state in its reporting on the events in Ukraine.

As I’ve said before on these pages, the US needs “enemies” and if real ones no longer exist, contrive new ones.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and “Communism” ceased to be the “enemy” there was an enemy vacuum. Then terror and terrorism was conveniently contrived as the new mortal enemy and with 9/11 Osama bin Laden became the new face of evil and voila a new “enemy” was born.

And this one”well this was the best of all worlds for our sinister government as terrorism provided an enemy that made for endless war. What better to serve the insatiable thirst of the bloated defense industry and defense contractors with their growing number of private corporate mercenaries eager to take on this “enemy” in the global war on terror.

But even this “enemy” was beginning to wear thin and getting frayed in the public minds eye especially with the face of it, Osama bin Laden, no longer on the scene.

So what better than to conflate a new cold war, this time with Russia over Ukraine and the demonized Putin the new face of evil as the new Hitler.

Earlier phone discussions between President Obama and Putin over the events in Ukraine have ended with Obama clinging to the lie that Putin is behind the ethnic Russian speaking population in eastern and southern Ukraine rebelling against the coup led regime in Kiev and Putin repeatedly denying he’s sent in Russian soldiers dressed without insignia disguised as protesters and acting as leaders in the takeover of government buildings, police headquarters and building barricades in the cities and towns in eastern Ukraine. Even New York Times reporters C.J. Chivers and Noah Sneider [1] on the scene in Slavyansk have confirmed the “separatists” are all locals many with previous experience in the old Soviet army but now just locals defending their city from threats and attacks from neo Nazi Right Sector thugs, part of the new national guard sent in by the coup regime in Kiev.

For its part the US corporate media continues to demonize Putin while Secretary of State John Kerry denounces RT News as the propaganda organ of Russia that “distorts” the news “favorable” only to Russia while neither Kerry or the US media acknowledges it was the US inspired coup that was the catalyst that forced Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to flee, brought in neo Nazi’s as part of the post coup regime which has all led to the turmoil we now see unfolding in Ukraine.

Finally there is something ALL the people in Ukraine, whether in the east and south or western part of the country need to realize, the imperialist US regime cares not a wit about them.

They’re just the latest pawns in the US regimes scheme for total world hegemony, with Russia and Putin in its immediate sights with China next on the agenda.


[1] “Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many Faces of Rebellion” by C.J. Chivers and Noah Sneider, “The New York Times. May 4, 2014.