Paul Walker Conspiracy: Illuminati or Drug Cartel Responsible?

Paul Walker. Photo: Andre Luis (CC)

Is there no limit the the dastardliness of the Illuminati? Latest conspiracy theory about their supposed nefarious activities via The Inquistr:

Paul Walker conspiracy theories are attempting to link Family Guy’s Brian the dog, Illuminati, and drug cartels in an awkward way of explaining the death of the Fast & Furious 7 star.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the death of Brian the dog led to conspiracy theories stating Seth MacFarlane might try and quit Family Guy.

One story going around has Paul Walker being killed by the Illuminati, a group that supposedly controls the world from the shadows. Why would they do this? Like many celebs, including Tim Tebow, Walker had been working with typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines. Supposedly the Illuminati was trying to poison medicine going to the country with “birth control” that would neuter the population and Walker found out about it. How did they kill him? Theories range from brakes to a sabotaged fuel line all the way up to a missile fired from an unmanned drone.

Another conspiracy theory focuses on Walker’s friend, Roger Rodas, and almost sounds like a plot from a Fast & Furious movie. The idea is that since Rodas spent a lot of time in Central America he could have been approached by drug cartels wanting him to do money laundering through one of Rodas’ charities. So in this case the car crash was rigged in some fashion to target Rodas and Paul Walker got caught in the crossfire.

But none of those ideas were as weird as the conspiracy theories attempting to link Paul Walker and Brian the dog.

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