OpGTMO: Zero hour to Anonymous global anti-Gitmo action nears

The hacktivist collective Anonymous is set to launch ‘Operation Guantanamo’ to mark 100 days of the Gitmo hunger strike with a series of “twitterstorms, email bombs and fax bombs.”

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day-by-day timeline of the Gitmo hunger strike.

The three day campaign, which kicks off on Friday, is intended
to “Raise Awareness in social media of the human rights
violations going on at Guantanamo, the indefinite detention of
prisoners, many of whom have been cleared for release years

In a statement released earlier this month, Anonymous expressed their
solidarity with the hunger strikers, vowing they would “shut
down Guantanamo.”

They have instructed supporters of their global action to use the
tag #GTMO17 when the countdown clock strikes zero.

As a part of the twitterstorm, the group has sent out a series of
lines to be re-tweeted which highlight reported abuses at the

“’The United States is slowly killing men in a prison that
should never have existed.’ #GTMO17”

“’They’re not going to be brutalized into submission, and I think
the net result will be some of them will die.’ #GTMO17”

“’When that tube goes up your nose, your eyes begin to water, as it
passes through the back of your skull…’ #GTMO17”

“’86 detainees have been cleared for release or transfer, but
efforts to send them home have stalled, making them more
desperate.’ #GTMO17”

The group has characterized the detention facility as a
concentration camp, casting aspersions on a series of alleged human
right’s abuses ranging from force-feeding to the practice of
compulsory cavity searches for detainees prior to any meeting with
their lawyers. It has further lambasted US President Barack Obama
for wavering on his 2009 promise to shut down the camp, which the
collective described as “an ongoing war crime.”

The Anonymous website also posted phone numbers for the White
House, the United States Southern Command and the Department of
Defense, urging supporters to ‘phonebomb’ officials with calls
about the camp.

Inmates at Guantanamo initiated the hunger strike in early February
over alleged mistreatments, including the mishandling of their
Korans. Out of the camp’s 166 detainees, 102 are currently taking
part in the hunger strike. Thirty of the prisoners are being
force-fed, a practice which the UN human rights office condemned as “torture” and a breach of
international law, and three have been sent to the detainee
hospital for observation.

The swelling ranks of those demanding the prison’s closure has
among its ranks not only internet activists, but those who have
inside knowledge of the camp and its operations.

Colonel Morris Davis, the former Chief Prosecutor for the terrorism
trials at Guantanamo Bay, has become a prominent advocate for the
camp’s closure.

“It’s been an embarrassment to the country, it’s drained our
credibility, it’s wasted our money and it’s time for it to

This article originally appeared on : RT