OPCW Nobel qualification in question

An analyst has cast doubt on the qualification of the chemical weapons watchdog for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Press TV reports.

œWhile there have been a few deserving winners of the Nobel Peace Prize down through the years, nevertheless it is best to treat this institution with skepticism, if not derision,” Finian Cunningham wrote in a column for Press TV on Friday.

Cunningham™s reaction came after the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), currently working to eliminate Syria™s chemical arsenals, was announced winner of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.

œThe meritorious aspects of the award can serve to give credence to the dubious and deplorable associates. In that way, it is more Propaganda Prize than Peace Prize,” wrote the analyst.

Cunningham noted that the awarding of the peace Nobel to the OPCW œbased on no track record conjures suspicion that the institution and its benign connotations are being used to inculcate a reprehensible political agenda.”

œHow do we know that the OPCW will be effective in disarming the chemical weapons of the Western-backed mercenary groups fighting to overthrow the [Syrian President Bashar] Assad government?” he asked.

The analyst did not rule out the possibility that the OPCW will mischievously misuse its Nobel Laureate status to promote the œWestern propaganda narrative against the Syrian government.”

Currently, the global spotlight is on the OPCW due to its mission to supervise the destruction of Syria™s chemical arsenal and facilities, which should be accomplished by mid-2014 under the terms of a UN Security Council resolution.

œNobel Peace prizes and Western human rights groups may sound innocuous. But they are a central part of the Western propaganda machine, as much as MI6, CIA, Mossad, the Pentagon, the Whitehall and the panoply of Western news media outlets with august titles, such as BBC and New York Times,” concluded Cunningham in his article.


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