Obama has become ‘chronic liar’: American journalist

US President Barack Obama has largely supported the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency and is “lying” about the number of lawmakers who oppose the agency’s spying activities, an American journalist in Philadelphia says.

“Let’s face it, he’s behind NSA,” said Rob Kall, who is also the founder of the OpEdNews website, a news, antiwar activism and opinion website founded in 2003.

Obama warned on Friday that NSA surveillance powers, used to prevent attacks on Americans, could lapse at midnight on Sunday unless “a handful of senators” stop standing in the way of reform legislation.

“He (Obama) says that there’s only a handful of senators blocking this, but the fact is that 45 blocked, only 54 voted for it and it’s a 60 vote threshold,” Kall told Press TV on Saturday. “He’s lying again. Obama has become a chronic liar.”

Republicans and Democrats are divided into three primary factions — regarding NSA surveillance programs — that do not necessarily fall in party lines.

Surveillance hawks, including Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, want a temporary reauthorization of NSA and FBI powers. Another faction, backed by the White House, supports the USA Freedom Act as a “reasonable compromise” between privacy and security.


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