Nurse Speaks Out On Mandatory Flu Shot Vaccines
January 9, 2014

I can get really heated over the issue of mandatory vaccines. And this issue is becoming a greater menace as nurses are being bullied into taking yearly flu shots! I left the profession a year ago before things became weird.

I declined the flu shot for most of my 22 years of nursing practice and what I’m learning about the newer disturbing practices against nurses that decline the vaccines is very troubling.

Before leaving nursing, I could sense how the atmosphere was turning against those that chose to not have the flu shot. I was mandated to sign a formal declination form and take what my hospital called “Flu School”. Flu School was a computer based module.

I mean, what are our rights of refusal? Being fired for declining these questionable vaccines is beyond reason and logic. There is no concrete proof that these vaccines do what they claim and the evidence stacking up against their safety is cause for pause to re-evaluate this issue instead of penalizing the dissenters.

It becomes very tiresome to tune into the news and get programmed with a bunch of scare tactics and all the propaganda campaigns in the hospitals to use fear to get people to agree to taking these vaccines. If they were so wonderful, why the push for them so hard?

I especially have a mistrust of vaccines because my beloved Grandmother lived with the effects of polio after taking the vaccine to prevent polio. I remember hearing all the stories and seeing pictures of a vibrantly healthy woman before I was born. I so wished that I knew her before the contraction of polio. I learned to care for her many health issues as a little girl and that’s what inspired me to go into nursing.

And nurses are being made to feel ostracized when they decline the vaccines by being made to wear face masks. Nurses need to really organize and fight back against this violation of rights.

I got out right before this thing really went South but I care about my fellow nurses and wish them well in their taking a stand and hope more will do the same and not feel threatened into potentially jeopardizing their health immediately and in the future.

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