NSA spying shows democracy is ‘fiction’

A political analyst praised Edward Snowden for exposing US National Security Agency�™s spying programs and said the Western democracy is �œa fiction.”

�œThe revelations show that democracy in America is a hollow concept, that democracy in fact doesn�™t exist. It�™s a fiction. It�™s all for control and dominance,” Belgium-based Dirk Adriaensens of BRussells Tribunal said in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

Dirk said that the NSA and the British Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) have �œconducted an intentional and largely successful campaign to destroy all privacy on the Internet. And this goes against international law.”

According to the classified documents disclosed by Snowden, the GCHQ was secretly accessing millions of phone calls and electronic communications, using the NSA�™s Tempora program to circumvent UK law.

The two spy agencies also committed �œindustrial espionage” that can be considered as �œeconomic warfare”, Dirk continued.

He joked that it seems the NSA is the only part of the US government that �œlistens” to what the American people really �œhave to say.”

US officials including Gen. Keith Alexander, the head of the embattled NSA, have called on governments to stop journalists from public disclosure of the agency�™s secret documents.

Dirk also criticized UK parliamentarians for a recent hearing they held to �œcriminalize Snowden without one critical question being asked by a member of parliament,” about what Snowden had actually revealed about the GCHQ�™s role in NSA massive global spying.

Snowden, a former NSA contractor, is not a traitor but �œa hero,” he added.

The documents disclosed over the past few months reveal a troubling picture of a spy agency that has sought and won sweeping powers to collect data on Americans and foreign nationals without anyone having full technical understanding of the process.


Source: Press TV