MSNBC Connects Hate Groups to Alex Jones

Hate groups rise because whites are no longer “geographically dominating”

Julie Wilson
August 15, 2013

Progressive talk show host and strong supporter of repealing the Second Amendment, Alex Wagner, devoted an 11-minute segment to bashing documentary filmmaker Alex Jones Wednesday afternoon on her MSNBC show Now with Alex Wagner. Wagner opens the segment reminding the public how many people were killed and wounded in the Boston marathon bombing.

She quickly leads into deceased Boston bomber suspect Tamerlane Tsarnaev’s interest in “far right-wing conspiracy theories.” Despite there being no evidence whatsoever, Wagner alleges that he was a fan of Alex Jones. She even accuses Alex of “influencing” the behavior of the Boston bomb suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Wagner says, “The bombing suspects may not have been the radical jihadists that they were initially believed to be. Older brother Tamerlane Tsarnaev was reportedly a fan of far right-wing conspiracy theories.”

Wagner attempts to segue the defamatory segment by airing a clip of Alex confronting Bilderberg member Ed Balls prior to a live BBC broadcast, as means to discredit him. MSNBC then shows a clip of Balls making the “you’re crazy” gesture as the show comes to an end, hoping to set the stage for some justified Alex Jones disparagement.

Wagner starts off by acknowledging Jones’ 300 million Youtube views and Tamerlane’s interest in “white supremacist” publications, all in the same sentence.

The host proceeds to quote Salon writer Alex Seitz-Wald saying, “Tsarnaev illustrates how 21st century anti-government conspiracism melts down typical ideological barriers in a postmodern stew of various radicalisms, united by a common deep distrust of the government.”

Wagner alleges that Tamerlane may have been “influenced” and even “motivated” by domestic movements within the US in terms of “far right conservative fringe movements,” referring to it as “fairly shocking.”

Soon Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok joins the conversation to discuss the “rise of hate speech,” and its relation to tea party and militia groups.

According to Potok, the nation has seen an incredible rise in the number of patriot groups, which he believes began with Obama’s arrival on the political scene. Potok also attributes the rise in “hate groups” (also known as patriot groups, according to him) to an increase in diversity, or “less whites” as he refers to it. He asininely alleges that hate groups are growing because the United States is becoming “less white” and whites are no longer “geographically dominating.”

Potok describes Tamerlane as being far more “Americanized” than people originally thought. He follows suit with Wagner singling out the “right-wing” books Tamerlane read as a tactic to explain why he had “gone down the rabbit hole in regards to conspiracy thinking,” and believed the world was not as it seemed.

Wagner picks up where Potok left off to “dovetail,” as she puts it, the “radical-libertarian agenda” as sort of a “southern racist post neo-Confederate attitude towards governance.”

An emotional roller coaster from start to finish, American Drug War 2 follows the unimaginable story of a young boy battling cancer.

She drives her accusations home by asking Potok again if the “post neo-confederate” mentality is “recent.” Potok again connects the new racist mentality to the election of President Obama calling him a black man that represents real change.

He accuses conservative media networks of stirring racial hate by saying Obama is “fostering the genocide of white people” and specifically singles out World Net Daily alleging their reporting accuses Obama of promoting “black mobs to attack white people.”

Wagner adds, “The racial piece of this isn’t going anywhere. Alex Jones may sound crazy, but he still has 300 million YouTube viewers and that sort of fringe-arch conservative and I think racist strain, is being tapped into at crazy profit by people in the media.”

MSNBC’s political analyst and former Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele, joins the conversation and coincides with Wagner accusing Jones’ of being “deeply racist,” alleging that Jones’ gets paid to be “publicly ignorant and racist.”

Once again the day time political opinion show flashes proof of Alex’s popularity, but only to discredit it a second time when Steele points out that it’s really just a “small percentage” of the population that entertains these ideas.

That “small percentage” however trumps MSNBC’s viewer ratings by a landslide.

The political pundits continue making unsubstantiated claims blatantly defaming Alex, who was just voted for the number three slot on Talker’s Magazine’s “Frontier Fifty,” which is described as “a selection of outstanding talk media webcasters.”

Wagner says, “While there may be only ten people that take Alex Jones seriously, there is still ten people that take Alex Jones seriously,” alluding that his follower’s could become like the alleged Boston bombers.

Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim joins the conversation offering nothing really except to call water fluoridation and chemtrails a “conspiracy,” immediately dismissing his credibility.

Grim says if you search the internet long enough, you can find validation in whatever you’re looking for, alluding to the idea that if you believe something to be a conspiracy, you can find “facts” to confirm it, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

Potok again attempts to demonize patriot groups calling them racist, claiming they hate government for offering handouts to black people,”people who are not like the rest of us.”

This certainly isn’t the first time the main stream media has dedicated segments to bashing Alex Jones, however the segments seem to be getting longer.

This illustrates the growing fear the establishment media is experiencing, knowing they’re losing the information war.

As Alex’s popularity continues to grow waking up millions around the world, the media establishment predictably moves to fulfill their role as the gatekeepers of the New World Order.

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