MPs Order ‘Dysfunctional’ Police Federation To End Top-Level Bullying

MPs launched a scathing attack on the Police Federation yesterday calling on the “dysfunctional” organisation to end its era of bullying. 

The House of Commons home affairs committee highlighted the urgent need for further reform at the federation on the eve of its annual conference.

The committee found bullying was endemic in the higher echelons of the federation and that both the late chairman Paul McKeever and outgoing chairman Steve Williams had been subject to “systematic campaigns of abuse which have no place in a professional organisation.

“Dysfunctional relationships at the federation headquarters have seriously undermined the organisation’s ability to speak with a powerful voice on behalf of its member,” it added.

The MPs called for the immediate election of a new national chair and a rebate on subscriptions which, following an increase in 2011 had seen the organisation accrue reserves of around £70 million.

The committee said that at a local level, some smaller branches struggled financially while others have accumulated reserves adding up to around £35 million, some of it in obscure “No. 2” accounts and called for an urgent remedy.

Via Morning Star