MP slams UK govt. for supporting terror

George Galloway MP censures UK govt. for backing terrorism in Syria

MP George Galloway has strongly condemned the UK government for continuing to support gangs in Syria.

British MP and founder of the Respect party George Galloway has strongly condemned Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague for continuing to support terrorists in Syria.

On the weekly program Comment, broadcast on Press TV, Gallowayâ„¢s fresh denouncements of the British governmentâ„¢s support for violent gangs in Syria, referred to recent disturbing video clip of an al-Qaeda insurgent, who shockingly cut out and ate the heart of a slain Syrian soldier.

Å“A named commander from Homs of the Free Syrian Army so-called, being paid for by British and American taxpayers, has himself, videoed as he cuts open the chest of a dead Syrian soldier… takes out his heart… and eats it as a cannibal” Galloway stressed, then addressing Cameron and Hague, Å“David Cameron! Youâ„¢re paying for this! William Hague! Youâ„¢re paying for this! What are you doing man?”

The Respect MP went on to describe the insurgents in Syria as Å“beasts”, savages and Å“barbarians” that slaughter Christians or who is an alternative follower of Islam to them.

Earlier this week, Cameron claimed that ending violence in Syria is not possible unless Syrian militants are better armed against the Syrian government forces.


This article originally appeared on : Press TV