Mossad 'working with US over spying'

An American journalist has accused the Israeli spy agency of Mossad of cooperating with the US government over spying on people.

Å“Israel was heavily involved with the spying on American citizens, working in cooperation with the National Security Agency,” Mark Glenn told Press TV on Monday.

Å“Hi-tech Israeli companies tied with Israelâ„¢s Mossad and with Israeli military intelligence were working closely with the National Security Agency,” said Glenn, co-founder of Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement.

Israelâ„¢s involvement with the NSA was mentioned in the media when the story first broke out in June by American whistleblower Edward Snowden, Å“but then this story quickly lost contraction; it didnâ„¢t get mentioned anymore,” Glenn said.

Obama has recently tried to calm the outrage over NSA spying by laying out a series of steps to increase transparency and privacy protections.

However, Glenn said that Å“all of these promises that are coming out of the Obama administration that changes are going to take place and that thereâ„¢s going to be oversight into this, this is just pure fiction, this is lying.”

Å“Obama and his administration have absolutely no plan to do anything to curtail this spying program on Americans,” he said.

Glenn also complained that a disturbing aspect of this spying scandal is the Å“complete lack of concern on the part of the American people.”


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Republished from: Press TV