Montreal mayor arrested on corruption

The Mayor of Montreal Michael Applebaum has been arrested by the Canadian provinceâ„¢s anti-corruption police as part of its investigation in a corruption case, reports say.

Applebaum was arrested at his home on Monday morning and is to be questioned by Quebec™s anti-corruption unit, UPAC, later in the day, UPAC spokeswoman Anne-Frédérick Laurence said.

Montrealâ„¢s former councilor, Saulie Zajdel, from Cote des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grace borough, and the borough’s former director of permits, Jean-Yves Bisson, were also arrested.

The arrests came amid a wider investigation into corruption scandals in the province that led the previous mayor to resign last November.

In February, UPAC officials raided Montreal city hall as well as eight other locations including offices of various boroughs in search of incriminating documents against the Union Montreal political party.

The Union Montreal has been under investigation over corruption allegations since 2010.

The former mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay, stepped down in November 2012, after published reports claimed that his party had received kickbacks from construction companies and that he was aware of illegal party financing and campaign spending.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV