Are You Marketing Yourself The Right Way?

by Zoe Mcfadden from A Small Orange

In the world of internet business, when it comes to our various organizations, we are defined by the likes of our website. The way we choose to present the face of our organization on the internet is the way we will be perceived by all of our potential clients. Nothing is more important than how we create and market that image. There are a great many tools available not only for creating an invaluable image, but for marketing it as well. With social media and the likes of wireless connectivity, we are afforded a greater marketing potential than ever. The world is connected closer than ever and it is imperative to keep this concept in mind. A poorly executed marketing campaign can be worse than ineffective, it can become detrimental.

Before ever focusing on marketing campaigns, we must be confident in that which we would like to market. If your internet website is the face of your organization, then you need to ensure that is not only a pretty face, but also that it is effective and efficient in its purpose. From appropriate development to quality web hosting, nothing can be overlooked when creating an image for our organization.

Creating a quality website is the first key in creating a great image, and the first step in marketing your self appropriately on the internet. When it comes to design, the look and feel of a website is important; but nothing is more important than that of seamless functionality. There is little more frustrating to a potential client perusing the pages of your website than that of your site failing to do all that it promises to. Broken links, missing images, or clumsy site navigation features are simply unacceptable. There are a great many quality development tools that can be used to ensure seamless proper functionality of your sites applications. Research all that these tools can offer, and implement them accordingly. While the development of wonderful applications is imperative, it is equally important to ensure that your hosting company’s servers support all of your intended function.

The days of separation between web development and web hosting are nearly gone. With the introduction of powerful object oriented web development scripting tools like that of ruby hosting introduced in the 1990’s; it is now required that hosting servers support all the functionality that these types of languages offer. In the later example, powerful applications developed in Ruby will require the support of Ruby on Rails hosting in order to function properly. When it comes to the application development of your site, ensure that your hosting company of choice offers up all the software support that you need.
Wonderful web development accompanied with appropriate hosting is the corner stone of any marketing efforts.

A site that looks great and functions flawlessly is one that will be taken note of. When it comes to further refining the image of your organization and marketing yourself on the internet enough can not be said about the importance of social media. Social media sites such as Facebook allow you to further reach out to your client base. You will become connected not only with your adoring clients, but also everyone else that is connected to them. This offers up a vast networking potential for endless new clients. Customers look at companies much like they do people, they want to feel a relationship with the organizations they love. Facebook provides and opportunity to interact as an organization with your clients on a seemingly personal level. From disclosure of upcoming promotions to receiving valuable feedback, social networking proves to be one of the best marketing tools currently available.

The internet has served in recent years to radically change the way we market ourselves as an organization to our customers. What was once a company novelty is now a necessity; the image created by our websites, will be one of the biggest factors in determining how the public perceives your organization. Starting from the very beginning by designing a functioning, informative, and quality site; coupled with appropriate hosting, and forwarded through social media you will be certain to create and maintain a wonderful image for your organization.

Zoe Mcfadden is a representative for and loves new and upcoming technology. In her free time she loves to play with her dog charlie and read a good book.