Man Asks Cop For Help To Find Missing Girlfriend, Cop Beats Him With A Baton

A 13-year veteran St. Louis County, Missouri police officer allegedly beat a man in an “unprovoked show of force” after he asked him for help to find his missing girlfriend. Rather than offer help, Dawon Gore, 44, allegedly told the victim, Pierre Wilson, 24, that he should contact a department closer to his home, an answer which Wilson did not find satisfactory. An argument evidently ensued, after which Gore allegedly charged Wilson and proceeded to beat him with his baton, breaking three of his fingers in the process. Gore then reportedly denied him medical attention for an hour and a half while the victim was “booked.” 

Despite this supposed booking, Gore failed to file a police report and failed to notify his supervisor of the incident, choosing instead to drop the victim off at his home. Gore is now facing second-degree assault charges. Video of the beginning of the altercation, but not the beating, exists but is not being released as it’s claimed to be evidence in the case.

Here’s a local video report on the beating from KMOV:

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