Libyan captured in Tripoli brought to America after interrogation aboard warship

Published time: October 14, 2013 19:01

This image provided by the FBI shows Abu Anas al-Libi on their wanted list October 5, 2013. (AFP Photo)

A Libyan man suspected of being heavily involved with Al-Qaeda has arrived in the United States to prepare for trial, the Associated Press reported Monday.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, US officials told the AP that
Abu Anas al-Libi is now in America after spending more than a
week onboard a US warship in Libya.

Libi, 49, has long been under indictment in the US for his
alleged role in bombing two American embassies in 1998. He was a
staple of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted
terrorists list for ages, but was apprehended by authorities only last weekend after
the US Army’s Delta Force team captured him outside of his home
in Tripoli.

During the last week, US investigators reportedly interrogated
al-Libi onboard a US warship, emulating the illegal tactics
employed previously at Central Intelligence Agency black-site
prisons, according to some critics. With news of his arrival on
domestic soil, though, al-Libi is expected to be put behind bars
in the US and prepped for an eventual trial where he could be
convicted of terrorism related charges and sentenced to death.

According to the AP’s source, al-Libi arrived in New York on
Saturday abd will soon be arraigned in federal court.

Upon news of his capture last weekend, Libyan Prime Minister Ali
Zeidan told Reuters that his government has asked American
authorities to “provide an explanation” for what he called a

He is clearly Al-Qaeda and he is clearly wanted on
,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said of Libi’s case in response.”When we are able
to, we prefer to capture someone like Mr. al-Libi

Only barely a week after he was captured, though, the al-Libi
story has proven to be one already ripe with twists and turns.
Just days after the Delta Force landed in Tripoli and towed the
suspected al-Qaeda operative into international waters, Prime
Minister Zeidan was captured, reportedly by former rebel militia-men who
accused him of cooperating with the US with regards to al-Libi’s
kidnapping. Zeidan has since been freed, told reporters after
that “Libyans need wisdom … not escalation … to deal
with this situation

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