Libya prime minister to reshuffle cabinet


Libyans gather near a burned-out vehicle after an attack outside the courthouse in the city of Benghazi on July 28, 2013.

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has announced plans to reshuffle his government in the coming days amid the countryâ„¢s political crisis.

Å“Today we chose a figure for the defense portfolio and tomorrow or the day after we are going to present a list of ministers to the General (National) Congress [Libyaâ„¢s highest political authority],” Zeidan said on Monday.

Since the removal of Mohammed al-Barghathi in late June, the North African country has not had a defense minister.

The Libyan premier also said the Internal Security Agency is reactivated in a move to contain the violence which has plagued the country.

Zeidan added that he understands the Libyansâ„¢ opposition to the agency which had been used by the former regime to suppress the people, saying, Å“But without an efficient intelligence body, we cannot stop the attacks.”

He made the comments a day after two bomb blasts, apparently targeting judicial buildings, rocked the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, injuring more than 40 people.

According to Mohammed al-Hijazy, who is a spokesman for Benghazi security operations, one of the blasts targeted a court in the north of the city on Sunday and another explosion took place in front of an office belonging to the Libyan Justice Ministry.

Meanwhile on Saturday, more than 1,100 inmates fled during a riot in Kuifiya prison on the outskirts of Benghazi.

Benghazi was the birthplace of the 2011 uprising in Libya. However, the city has been the scene of numerous attacks and assassinations over the past year as the power struggles between militiamen have intensified.


Republished from: Press TV