Karzai points to abuse probe’s findings

An afghan prisoner looks out of his cell window at the main prison in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (File photo)

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says an official investigation into torture and ill-treatment in the country’s jails has found half of the interviewed prisoners complaining of abuse.

“According to the report of the commission of inquiry, half of the prisoners interviewed complained of mistreatment, harassment and even torture during their detention,” AFP quoted the president as saying in a statement.

Karzai ordered the probe after the United Nations issued a report in January, saying that Afghanistan used torture and abuse tactics against detainees who were transferred to Afghan control by US-led forces.

The 139-page report noted that over half of the detainees interviewed between October 2011 and October 2012 said that they experienced torture or abuse.

The report detailed fourteen types of torture, including beatings with cables and pipes, attacks on the genitals, threats of execution or rape, electric shocks, and forced stress positions.

Afghan government had earlier said that findings by its internal monitoring committee showed that “the allegations of torture of detainees were untrue and thus disproved.”