Kabul urges Afghans to enter Iran legally

Kabul has advised Afghan nationals to obtain a visa for immigration into Iran and avoid illegal border crossing into the neighboring country, Press TV reports.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged Afghan nationals to enter the Islamic Republic of Iran through legal channels to prevent any border incidents.

It warned against crossing through human trafficking cartels given the tightened security at the borders in the run-up to Iranâ„¢s presidential election in mid-June.

Iranian officials say it is impossible to recognize whether those who are trying to cross the border illegally are rural Afghans or they are terrorists, drug smugglers or even spies.

Iranâ„¢s Ambassador to Afghanistan Abolfazl Zohrevand said border issues are considered as one of the most important priorities of Tehran, especially when it comes to its borders with Afghanistan — a country where thousands of US-led foreign troops are stationed.

Iran is currently hosting over three million afghan refugees, but the figure is on the rise given the rampant unemployment in Afghanistan – an issue Zohrevand said the US and its allies which invaded the country must address.

Å“Since 2001, the foreign forces have stayed here in Afghanistan under several pretexts like maintaining peace and security … and creating jobs. But now the question is why thousands of rural Afghans prefer to leave their country to find jobs and are ready to cross any border illegally and accept its negative consequences,” he asked.

Experts believe that observing the immigration laws by Afghan nationals would result in a noticeable decrease in human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorist operations not only in Afghanistan but in the neighboring Iran and consequently the entire region.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV