Justice Dept. Caught in Amber Alert Takedown Hoax

Website restored after public discovered sites were up but being rerouted

Steve Watson

Note from Alex Jones: This is part of a criminal pattern of obstruction to tax-payer funded services. As with South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore, highway pull-offs and boat ramps on the Mississippi being blocked, the system wants to make the shutdown as painful for the American people as possible, as National Park Service rangers have admitted. This is outright criminal because the Amber Alert site is still up, they’re simply blocking it.

The Amber Alert government website has been restored to functionality after internet users pointed out that the website and the system was never really down, and was just made to appear that way by the Department of Justice, possibly as a publicity stunt.

The website, www.amberalert.gov, the government’s child abduction notification system, was “offline” for a week, with anyone trying to access the site seeing the following notice:

Many balked at the notice, suggesting that if Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website can stay operational, why wouldn’t the Amber Alert website be maintained.

A spokesperson for the DoJ claimed that although the website was down because of the government shutdown, the program itself had not been affected.

“At no point has Amber Alert system been interrupted during shutdown. To prevent confusion, informational DOJ site has been restored,” spokesman Brian Fallon said.

Buzzfeed also quoted a DOJ official as saying:

“Amber alerts are uninterrupted. They get issued by states and counties, which do notifications to media, on twitter, highway signs, etc. The dot-gov site is informational, not the law enforcement tool.”

These announcements led many to ask the question if the system was not down, why bother putting up a misleading notice indicating that it was?

Upon further investigation, some even suggested that the website was never actually down, and was merely redirecting to the announcement.

Some internet users claimed that if you deleted the suffix ‘unavailable’ from the url in the address bar of the browser, then the site was indeed still accessible.

Some pointed out that EVERY Juvenile Justice program EXCEPT Amber Alert was still up and running.

The insinuation was that someone in the DoJ was instructed to make it APPEAR as if the Amber Alert section of its website was offline, when it wasn’t.

This begs the question, how many other government websites that have gone offline since the shutdown began are REALLY offline?

Is the Obama administration purposefully making it appear that many aspects of the government have gone dark, when in reality the vast majority of federal activity continues unaffected.

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