Jenny McCarthy defeats vaccine fanatics to join ABC’s The View as co-host
July 19, 2013

Jenny McCarthy repelled a massive attack from enemies of health freedom to land a co-host role at ABC’s flagship morning talk show The View.

Jenny McCarthy  addresses audience at autism awareness event / Photo by Michael Dorausch, via Wikimedia Commons

Jenny McCarthy addresses audience at autism awareness event / Photo by Michael Dorausch, via Wikimedia Commons

You can tell this is a huge victory for health freedom by the howls of indignation from the advocates of forced medication. The mere suggestion that Jenny might question mandatory vaccines on such a prominent national media platform is enough to send authoritarian medical mafia types into conniptions.

Vaccine pushers have an unshakeable faith in vaccines. They are either ignorant of or deliberately concealing knowledge of vaccine failure and vaccine injury. Most of them have probably never read the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction, the same definition that is on vaccine package inserts and the same thing that afflicts a generation of vaccine damaged children — encephalitis.

Hopefully Jenny will inform the public about the American Medical Association’s definition of informed consent: A patient has the right to refuse a medical procedure. The mere suggestion that parents might exercise that basic right with regard to vaccines is unthinkable to the vaccine zealots that object so vociferously to Jenny’s presence on The View. They and their pharmaceutical industry overlords must be getting apoplexy at the thought of moms getting educated about real-world vaccine risks. There are reputable non-pharma-funded doctors and scientists who will tell the truth about vaccines. Let’s hope they get on The View.

Congratulations to Jenny McCarthy for scoring this mainstream media gig and thanks to ABC for hiring her. While autism and vaccine injury are not likely to be the main daily story on The View, please don’t forget those of us that have vaccine-injured or vaccine-killed children.

As for the nattering nabobs of negativism that oppose Jenny McCarthy’s co-hosting of The View – why don’t you slither back to your drug company masters and vaccinate each other into oblivion?

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