Jeff Bezos Latest Brainwave: Amazon Drones Are the Dream of Fascist Collectivists and Technocrats

Think of the fun that local kids and gun enthusiasts will have with this latest brainwave by internet mogul and neo-nerd vanguard, Jeff Bezos…

Some will see this as ‘so cool’ technology, while adventurous youths might want to get their kicks hunting down and disabling these little flying robots, and gun enthusiasts will enjoy target practice as drones flying overhead — and who could blame them when their local airspace and roads are being invaded by corporate robots.

Amazon surveillance? Corporate drones could do the work for the NSA by snooping at every window.

No one can deny that the potential for ‘Amazon surveillance’ is massive. Corporate drones could easily provide a real-time video snooping  network needed for the NSA to keep tabs on Americans 24 hours a day. If you think this isn’t already being discussed, and business deals between the government and Amazon haven’t already been calculated — then you would be very naive.

What are the ‘consumer’ benefits of having a robotic helicopter drone deliver stuff to your door? Apparently, next day delivery is not good enough for yuppie navel gazers — who are demanding same day delivery service. For those want even better than same day — to consume their books, DVDs, electronic like they want to consume their Dominos Pizzas in 30 minutes or less, then drones must be the answer, right? 

The dream of the robotic economy, where everything is rented, and nothing is owned, and where robotic Amazon drones and Google cars will take the place of human drivers in cars and vans. These are not dreams anymore, this is your new reality, approaching fast.

What’s it really all about? Profits, of course. Technocrat bean counters in Seattle and Silicon Valley, having already established a benchmark price for driver-based freight postage and delivery, feel they can undercut that traditional cost and make an additional margin on each item while selling it to their technology-worshiping customers as a cool ‘value-add’ to their brand’s “client experience”.

But here’s the real red flag (no pun intended): corporate technocrats and fascist collectivists are drooling over the prospect of what they are proudly calling, “The sharing economy of things”.It sounds wonderful to some, like those who literally shake with excitement when they hear the word “collective”, “Co-op” or “commune”. Yes, it’s that utopic, Zeitgeist future where no one actually owns anything, but where everything is rented, or loaned. It’s the completion of the rent-seeking economy — but that renting for us (the proletariat) but total ownership over us by the select cartel of super-corporations and royal-chartered firms — the only ones who can afford to operate in the big regulator, big government environment…

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