James Cameron sued by British artist

Renowned Hollywood filmmaker and producer James Cameron has been sued by British artist Roger Dean alleging Cameron copied his ideas for the 3D movie, Avatar.

Dean has filed legal action at a court in New York and hit Cameron with a USD 50 million (£32 million) lawsuit over his 2009 blockbuster movie.

He accused Cameron of “willful and deliberate copying, dissemination and exploitation” of his artwork.

“The similarities of each such work are substantial, continuing, and direct so as to rule out any accidental copying or similarity in scenes common to the genre,” noted in Deanâ„¢s complaint statement.

The progressive-rock album artist, Dean claimed that his paintings of floating islands and huge graceful arches in the sky painted over the course of 40 years were copied by Cameron in his film.

Deanâ„¢s complaint is not the first lawsuit over the science fiction epic movie Avatar as Cameron has been plagued by two other similar accusations since the filmâ„¢s premiere in 2009.

In February, a US court dismissed a copyright lawsuit from artist Gerald Morawski, who claimed his paintings inspired Avatar.

“It is a sad reality of our business that whenever there is a successful film, people come out of the woodwork claiming that their ideas were used. Avatar was my most personal film, drawing upon themes and concepts that I had been exploring for decades,” Cameron had earlier asserted.

Made more than USD 2.8bn internationally, Avatar won three of the Academy Awards including best art direction, best cinematography and best visual effects.

Walt Disney has programmed to build attractions designed based on the film at its theme parks.


Republished with permission from:: Press TV