Israel policy reliant on false-flag ops

Analysts say Tel Aviv uses false-flag terrorism to compel foreign governments into supporting Israelâ„¢s foreign policy, Press TV reports.

Å“Of course, the motto of the Mossad is Ëœmake war by deceptionâ„¢ – they are the foremost masters of false-flag attacks and committing crimes by blaming them on others to gain political advantage,” said James H. Fetzer, a professor of philosophy, in an interview with Press TV.

The terrorist attack in Bulgaria in 2012, which killed seven people including five Israeli tourists, has all the fingerprints of a false-flag attack ordered by Tel Aviv, more and more experts are pointing out.

Å“Yes, I think that the Israeliâ„¢s were probably punishing the Europeans by bombing the bus in Bulgaria, but then doing it in such a way that they could blame their enemy, Hezbollah,” said Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Just hours after the terrorist attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Lebanon’s resistance movement, Hezbollah, in spite of the lack of credible evidence to support his claim.

Canadian diplomats followed suit by convincing the European Union to label Hezbollah as a terrorist organization in July.

Ottawa claimed that a Canadian citizen, Hassan El Hajj Hassan, participated in the terrorist attacks at the behest of Hezbollah, despite the suspectâ„¢s father stating that his son was innocent.

Moreover, Bulgariaâ„¢s foreign minister recently referred to evidence of Hezbollah involvement in the attacks as merely Å“circumstantial.”

Å“The Bulgarian authorities themselves have shown hesitation to draw such damning conclusions when the evidence is virtually non-existent or, I would submit, actually against it given the past history of false-flag attacks perpetrated by Israel itself,” said professor Fetzer.

Å“Itâ„¢s time to ask who gained from that bombing in Bulgaria, and I think the answer to that is pretty obvious,” posited professor Barrett, adding, Å“Whatâ„¢s inexplicable is why Western governments that have absolutely nothing to gain by being dragged into Israelâ„¢s wars continue to accept these ludicrous stories from Israel that Arabs and Muslims are supposedly going out and carrying out these attacks that benefit no one but Israel?”


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Republished from: Press TV