‘Israel forces violate Lebanon border’

Lebanonâ„¢s Foreign Minister Adnan Hassan Mansour says Israeli forces recently crossed the UN-designated Blue Line on foot to enter the Lebanese soil in a flagrant violation of the countryâ„¢s sovereignty, Press TV reports.

Å“Israeli soldiers have surpassed the Blue Line and incurred about 400 meters into Lebanon,” said Mansour in an interview with press TV, adding, Å“This is a major violation of UN Resolution 1701 and is considered an aggression on the Lebanese people.”

The Lebanese minister further stressed that the countryâ„¢s resistance movement will repel any Israeli aggression, saying, Å“There is a resistance movement on the ground, a Lebanese resistance movement to repel any Israeli aggression.”

Earlier this week, the Israeli military announced that the regimeâ„¢s warplanes launched an airstrike on an area near Naâ„¢ameh, between Beirut and Sidon, south of Lebanon.

Israel violates Lebanon’s airspace on an almost daily basis, claiming the flights serve surveillance purposes.

UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which brokered a ceasefire in the war of aggression Israel launched against Lebanon in 2006, calls on Israel to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In 2009, Lebanon filed a complaint with the United Nations, presenting over 7,000 documents pertaining to Israeli violations of Lebanese territory.


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Republished from: Press TV