Israel boycott ‘courageous act’: Analyst

The American Studies Associationâ„¢s decision to boycott Israeli institutions for helping Tel Aviv commit crimes against Palestinians is a courageous act, a political analyst says.

Å“Itâ„¢s a very courageous act by the ASA,” Stephen Lendman said in a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday. Å“New York legislators want to punish them by withholding funding to these organizations.”

Å“To expose its [Israel] crimes, to expose institutions connected to them is a noble act,” he added.

Last week, the ASA said it boycotted academic institutions in protest to Israelâ„¢s brutal treatment of Palestinians and the involvement of Israeli universities in supporting such policies.

Two thirds of the 1,252 members of the organization who participated in the vote approved the measure.

Two New York legislators, State Sen. Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Dov Hikind said they want to cut off state aid to universities affiliated with the ASAâ„¢s boycott movement.

Å“The ASA did a very very courageous thing. Itâ„¢s a very large organization. Itâ„¢s the largest of its kind in America. Its members voted overwhelmingly to do this and it did it for the most obvious reasons for the high crimes that Israel has committed for so many years,” Lendman said.

The American Studies Association is a professional group of about 4,000 scholars who study US history and culture.

The group has been debating a boycott since 2006 and put the matter to a vote after its leadership endorsed the idea in early December.


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Source: Press TV