Iran, Afghanistan sign strategic pact

Iran and Afghanistan have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in a meeting between the two countryâ„¢s top national security officials.

The document was signed in a Sunday meeting in Tehran between Secretary of Iranâ„¢s Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili and Afghan President Hamid Karzaiâ„¢s National Security Advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta, during which the two officials discussed expansion of bilateral ties.

During the meeting, Jalili described Iranian-Afghan relations as Å“deep and friendly” and further stated that the agreement would lead to the enhancement of strategic collaborations in various areas.

He also underlined that preparation and implementation of the pact Å“will be a bright step in the history of relations between the two countries.”

Jalili added that security, stability, progress and welfare of the Afghan population is Å“the interest and desire of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” expressing optimism that with the speedy implementation of terms of the agreement Å“we would witness the expansion of the level of regional security.

For his part, Spanta said the signed document marks the beginning of process to boost bilateral relations between the two neighbors in different fields Å“to a strategic level,” satisfying the interests of both nations.

Afghanistan has been ravaged by a war started by a US-led military occupation since 2001 under the pretext of a “war on terror.” The intervention has led expanded terror and insecurity across the war-torn nation, further leading to increased narcotics production and trade, mass displacement of civilians and destruction of the country’s major infrastructure.


Republished from: Press TV