Increasing Blog Traffic via Social Media Sites

by Kate Klemens

When social media first came out no one paid much attention to it. Everyone thought it was going to be another trend that will come and go. Needless to say social media isn’t a trend and is quickly becoming the way of the web. Hundreds and millions of people are on Facebook & Twitter. Teenagers & moms are now blogging using free platforms like WordPress.

If you’re looking to boost traffic to your blog you can use social media to gain followers. The proper way is to engage your followers, friends, & readers alike. Talk to them, interact with them, and listen to what they have to say. That’s how social media in society works. Many people have forgotten the “social” in social media. There are many ways you can get your message to spread through these social media websites if you actually pay attention to how they work.

Here are some methods & techniques that work well:

1) Doing product giveaways
For example, if you are a blog owner and a company offering gift baskets wants to team with you for a giveaway, take them up on the opportunity. In order to enter the contest have readers follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, or comment on the giveaway post. If your blog has a reputation for hosting giveaways, you will attract more traffic from audiences seeking out the opportunity to enter the giveaways and win prizes. There have been successful giveaways for items such as t-shirts, wine gift baskets, gift cards, and more. The results were amazing. Traffic increased along with the number of RSS subscribers.

2) Replying to every tweet and post
When someone tries to communicate with you, communicate back! You would think this is a simple concept, but how many big time companies actually respond to you on Twitter & Facebook actively? I haven’t seen too many.

3) Actively participating in blog comments
It takes a fair amount of effort for a user to enter in their name, email, and an intelligent comment on your blog post. That user will likely become loyal, visit often, and tell others about your blog if you reply to their comments and have a friendly discussion with them. Not only that, it will encourage others to post as well.

All three methods discussed above have been tried and tested successfully. Don’t forget that social media is more art then science, so add your own twist to any of the methods and remember to be social!

Kate Klemens is a full time designer of gourmet gift baskets of all kinds. She’s slightly in love with everything Apple and puts family first at all times. Other hobbies include writing fun articles and trying new foods!