Hard to forget: Google faces problems in complying with EU privacy ruling

Google says that complying with the EU court ruling is difficult as some requests from users who want to be forgotten contain “false and inaccurate information.”

“We generally have to rely on the requester for information, without assurance beyond the requester’s own assertions as to its accuracy. Some requests turn out to have been made with false and inaccurate information,” Google said in a letter to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The letter, written by Peter Fleischer, Google’s Global Privacy Counsel, contains responses to the questionnaire that the ECJ sent to Google. It also listed some challenges that the Internet giant faced while complying the rule.

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Google also added that in some cases the requests lack “the larger factual context… without which it is difficult to balance the competing interests.”

“Even if requesters provide us with accurate information, they understandably may avoid presenting facts that are not in their favor. As such, we may not become aware of relevant context that would speak in favor of preserving the accessibility of a search result.”

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