Hagel a CIA ‘yes man’ on drones

American investigative journalist Wayne Madsen says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel serves as �œa yes man” to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) now that his department is partially in charge of US targeted killings.

�œSecretary Hagel, who came into the job as Secretary of Defense in a quite contentious confirmation hearing in the Senate, is really showing that he is really not much of a reformer but more of a �˜yes man�™ for the CIA,” Madsen said in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday.

As domestic and international pressure continues to mount over CIA drone strikes, senior CIA and Pentagon officials have been discussing ways for the US military to take over the controversial drone program.

�œMuch of that responsibility is going over to Hagel�™s Pentagon so he�™s getting a larger budget because of the acquisition by his department of the drone program,” he said.

Defense Hagel visited Pakistan on Monday and held talks with senior Pakistani officials amid growing tensions over US drone attacks in the country’s tribal regions.

The ties between Washington and Islamabad have been seriously strained over the deadly strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

Human rights groups and Pakistani politicians say the missile attacks often claim civilian lives and must be stopped.

�œThe US drone policy” Madsen said, is nothing but �œan airborne assassination and execution, much of the time, of innocent men, women and children.”


Source: Press TV