Global Warming? Let’s Hack the Atmosphere to Cool the Planet!
December 6, 2013

Never mind that it has yet to be definitively proven that humans are responsible for global warming or if in fact the phenomenon exists.

Environmental scientist David Keith works at the intersection of climate science, energy, and public policy. His research has taken him into some the realms of geo-engineering — including a dramatic potential solution to climate change, such as blowing a cloud of sulfur into the sky to bring the average global temperature down,” reports NPR today.

Meanwhile, in the real world, much of nation will experience record cold temperatures this weekend. Denver and California’s Napa Valley could stand a little global warming at this point.

Is it possible Mr. Keith watched too many episodes of the Twilight Zone?

This article was posted: Friday, December 6, 2013 at 11:53 am

Source: Infowars