GCHQ and NSA Hack German Telecoms To Track ‘Every Device’

Intelligence agencies, including the NSA and GCHQ used Deutsche Telekom’s network to create a ‘Treasure Map’ of the internet that could be used to monitor and track web users.

Der Spiegel reported uncovering the campaign while analysing documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The map reportedly collected data from, and showed the location of, every smartphone, computer and tablet connecting to Deutsche Telekom’s network in real time.

The map was reportedly the work of five agencies from Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US, and featured offensive as well as data-collecting capabilities. Der Spiegelreported the map could be used for “computer attack/exploit planning”.

There is also evidence that Deutsche Telekom was not the only telecoms firm used to create the map. It is currently unclear if any UK internet service providers were targeted.

A Deutsche Telekom’s spokesman told V3 the firm is aware of Der Spiegel‘s report but has not detected any evidence that suggests its systems were breached.

“We have worked intensively in recent weeks with the Spiegel and its experts, but could even after forensic investigations find no evidence of manipulation of our networks. So far there is no more than a coloured marker to the designation of a part of our networks in a Snowden document,” said the spokesman.

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