Frankfurt banks surrounded in anti-austerity 'Blockupy': LIVE UPDATES

Thousands of anti-austerity protesters have flooded the streets leading to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt in a so-called ‘Blockupy’ protest. They are demonstrating the bank’s role in enforcing crippling spending cuts across the Eurozone.

10:22 GMT: The ‘Blockupy’ protesters are now separating
and heading for Deutsche Bank headquarters and Frankfurt airport.

10:20 GMT: German police estimate that around 1,500
protesters have gathered in front of the European Central Bank.
They have not reported any arrests.

10:18 GMT:
Eurostat data shows that the crisis is deepening,
and that nearly one in four young people in the Eurozone are
jobless. The combined EU unemployment rate is 23.5 percent.
Germany’s rate is the lowest at 7.5 percent.

10:01 GMT: Eurozone employment figures released, hitting
record high at 12.2 percent in April.

09:53 GMT: The ECB spokesman told The Guardian that the
Blockupy protests have not disturbed

day-to-day operations at the bank, but would not specify how many

managed to come to work.

9:31 GMT: Blockupy spokesman Ani Diesselmann announced,
“The blockade is standing.

The business of the ECB is successfully disrupted.”

This article originally appeared on: RT