France Planned False Flag Terror Attack in Britain

Intelligence services considered assassinating Muslim leader, blaming neo-nazis

Paul Joseph Watson

French intelligence services planned to stage a terror attack in Britain and then blame it on neo-nazis in a bid to assassinate Muslim hate preacher Abu Hamza, according to an investigation by pressure group Hope Not Hate.

Following the 1999 nail-bombing campaign in London, carried out by far-right terrorist David Copeland, France’s Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure hatched a plan to kill the hook-handed cleric and then implicate British Nazi group Combat 18.

“The plan to kill the infamous hook-handed hate-preacher Abu Hamza al Masri, was the result of growing frustration by French security services over the inaction of British authorities in the face of the growing threat of Islamist terrorism. Specifically, the French suspected Abu Hamza of having links to the terrorists responsible for the 1995 Paris Metro bombings,” reports Israeli National News.

According to the report, entitled, Gateway To Terror, French authorities referred to the British capital as “Londonistan” because of the ease with which Al-Qaeda networks were able to operate there and vowed to “take matters into their own hands” by sending death threats and subsequently killing Hamza using the same weaponry Combat 18 was thought to possess.

“The plan was to impersonate the British Nazi group Combat 18 and then allow them to take the blame,” said the report’s author Nick Lowles.

The French’s frustration over British authorities’ unwillingness to take any action against Hamza may stem from the fact that the cleric was either working on behalf of or at least being protected by British intelligence.

In 2006, Hamza revealed his ties to the British Army’s Sandhurst training college and said that his Finsbury Park hate preaching “had been tacitly approved by MI5.”

Haroon Rashid Aswat, one of the “masterminds” of the London bombings, was on the payroll of MI5 when the attacks took place, according to noted terror experts. Aswat was also a “highly public aide” to Abu Hamza from the late 1990′s onwards.

Hamza was finally extradited from the USA in October 2012 having escaped terrorism charges for years despite his clear links to Al-Qaeda.

The fact that the French secret service planned to assassinate a public figure and then lay the blame on someone else is also likely to spark further questions surrounding the fate of Princess Diana, who died under mysterious circumstances in Paris in 1997.

It also emphasizes the fact that, far from being a “conspiracy theory,” governments routinely plan to stage false flag assassinations and terror attacks in order to further their political agenda.

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Source: Infowars