Ex-Senate Candidate: Iran must be ready for US-Israeli attack

Iran should prepare for every possible contingency and strengthen its alliance with Russia and China against an American-Israeli attack, says a former US Senate candidate.

“The fact that we are now dealing with the situation in both Syria and Iraq, where it is very plausible that American ground troops will be introduced into these countries in the next year to year and a half is a prelude to a war on Iran,” said Mark Dankof.

Dankof made the comments to Press TV on Thursday after Washington threatened not to sign a potential deal between P5+1 group of countries and Tehran over Iran’s nuclear energy program.

“This, in conjunction with the war party mood in the United States Congress, suggests to me that this agreement never had a chance to begin with. And that Iran would be well-advised to protect its own interest in this circumstance and to prepare for every possible contingency because, I think, an eventual attack on Iran is coming,” said Dankof.

“I would suspect that the best option Iran is going to have is to get its ducks in a row, in order, in terms of an alliance with Russia and China to protect, as best it can, against an American-Israeli intervention in that country,” he added.

The US and its negotiating partners reached a framework nuclear agreement with Iran in Switzerland on April 2.

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