Ex-PM a hypocrite: British MP

British Respect MP George Galloway says the former Prime Minister Tony Blairâ„¢s recent comments about another intervention in the Middle East are hypocritical as they go directly against his political position as a Middle East peace envoy.

Last week, Blair called for a military intervention in the Syrian conflict, claiming that the cost paid by the West for not getting involved could be higher than that of intervening with the countryâ„¢s affairs.

Galloway raised the issue on Press TVâ„¢s Thursday June 20 broadcast of the political debate program Comment.

Å“At the last time I looked, Tony Blair was the official Quartet peace envoy in the Middle East. Heâ„¢s made plenty of money in the last few years in that position and we donâ„¢t expect him to actually bring peace to the Middle East. But for how long can the Quartet tolerate a man as their peace envoy whoâ„¢s calling for war?” he asked.

In 2007, after resigning as British Prime Minister, Blair was appointed the official Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East.

The Quartet is comprised of the United Nations, Russia, the Unites States and the European Union and styles itself as a peace broker between the Israeli regime and the Palestinians with Blair at the helm.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV