EU exit historical error: UK officials

Senior politicians from the three main British parties have in a joint pro-European Union manifesto warned that leaving the bloc would be a “historical error.”

British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged a referendum on his countryâ„¢s continued membership in the EU in 2017 if he wins another term in office.

Cameron made the decision under pressure from the mighty eurosceptic ranks within his party.

However, a cross-party group lobbying for continued British membership in the union, which has prepared the manifesto, said pulling out of the bloc will leave Britain Å“weaker and poorer”.

“Leaving the EU would not only endanger our economy but undermine our political relationship with the US and our impact on China, India and other emerging powers,” the manifesto issued by British Influence

Group said.

The document, titled Å“Better Off in a Better Europe” also said Britain needs to lead an effort to “actively reboot the EU for the 21st century,” by helping the European economy become more competitive and flexible, among others.

The group added that abandoning the task Å“would be a historical error”.

British Influenceâ„¢s co-president Kenneth Clarke, who is the Conservative Minister Without Portfolio, said Å“huge further rewards” await Britain within the EU where it should be Å“remaining doggedly engaged”.

Å“We earn our living in a globalized economy and a world in which nations are interdependent in tackling global and regional problems,” he added.

His remarks were echoed by former Labour Business Secretary Peter Mandelson, who is British Influenceâ„¢s co-president along with Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

Mandelson said exiting the EU will leave Britain with the “dubious satisfaction of standing alone in the world.”


Republished with permission from: Press TV