Drones ‘embedded’ in US strategy

The use of drones by the CIA overseas is �œembedded in the strategy of the Obama administration” as the Pentagon avoids sending American troops to danger zones in countries like Pakistan and Yemen, said James Petras, retired Bartle Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University on Saturday.

Washington is not going to stop its deadly drone strikes, Petras told Press TV, despite the recent Senate Intelligence Committee�™s effort to mandate an annual report from the administration on numbers of people killed by US drone strikes worldwide, including official estimates on civilian deaths.

The report would exempt those killed by drones in active US wars, so data on Afghanistan strikes would not be included.

Thousands of civilians have been killed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and other countries since 2004 when the US began its controversial drone campaign to target �œsuspected militants”.

The Obama Administration has repeatedly insisted virtually no civilians were killed in their strikes, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Petras said the Senate move is �œmore an informational resolution” which is not �œeffective” as the law will not impose any sanctions on the Obama administration in case of violations of human rights, international law and other nations�™ sovereignty.

�œIf the Pentagon continues killing civilians, what price will they pay? Will their budgets get cutback? Will personnel be brought to some kind of judicial process? There is nothing in force,” he concluded.


Source: Press TV