Crypto-currency or Kryptonite?

Max Keiser, the host of RT’s ‘Keiser Report,’ is a former stockbroker, the inventor of virtual specialist technology and co-founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

News that Bitcoin had its first 70,000 transactions-in-a-day this week has Bitcoin bulls excited.

Since passing a $1 billion market capitalization a few weeks
ago, the crypto-currency has burst into the mainstream media with a
vengeance and has even garnered reactionary froth from conspiracy
theorists who view this new money as the work of nefarious
government agents. Yes, Bitcoin has gone ‘big time.’ By the way, I
first started Bitcoin when they were $2 and I am sticking to my
intermediate target of $300 (with an eventual price target of

What ‘pro-liberty’ detractors fail to understand is that Bitcoin
is kryptonite to the unelected ‘banksters’ who consider themselves
the Supermen that run our lives. You would think Bitcoin would be
music to the ears of anti-government types. Unfortunately, most
so-called Libertarians don’t have the intellectual chops to
understand Bitcoin. Technology stopped evolving for them with the
telephone and most see anything involving advanced mathematics as
the work of the ‘state’ devil.

So, because Libertarians are basically asleep when it comes to
Bitcoin, the ‘banksters’ continue unchallenged as they rig LIBOR,
energy markets, CDS, gold, and silver without any chance of
prosecution for laundering hundreds of billions for drug cartels,
illegally foreclosing on millions of homes, buying influence in
government, or outright election rigging.

To challenge the New World Order you need something like
Bitcoin: the New World Disorder.

Bitcoin is decentralized. They are extremely rare. They are
money, and can move money around the world outside of government
interference. They can be anonymized. They are extremely portable
and they are the currency that is forming the bedrock of whole new
industries and companies created by people who – unlike the whining
‘anti-globalists’ – have a real shot at challenging the status quo
in a way we haven’t seen since Gutenberg’s press.

Bitcoins are Kryptonite to the ‘banksters’. Bitcoin destroys
most of their profit margins and so destroys their ability to
corrupt the economy. In other words, the Federal Reserve Bank is
about to be ‘disintermediated’ by Bitcoin the same way BitTorrent
revolutionized the music and movie industries. 

Wealth is about to be redefined and I encourage everyone to do
yourself a favor and get yourself some Bitcoins.

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