CPS Investigating Parents for Letting Kids Walk Home Alone

Joshua Krause

By all appearances, Daniel and Alexander Meitiv are smart, responsible parents who want to instill independence in their children. They don’t like to throw caution to the wind, but they do believe that kids should be granted some freedom, so that they may learn how to take care of themselves from an early age.

They practice what’s known as “free range parenting” as opposed to hovering over their kids and showering them with fear and paranoia like most parents do these days. Unfortunately, their attempts to instill responsibility and self-reliance in their children has met with resistance from the society they live in.

Last December, Daniel and Alexander Meitiv ran afoul of the nanny state, when they had the gall to allow their children to walk home alone from the park. “We wouldn’t have let them do it if we didn’t think they were ready for it” they claimed. What they didn’t realize was that in America, the Stateknows what’s best for children, parents be damned.

“The world is actually even safer than when I was a child, and I just want to give them the same freedom and independence that I had – basically an old-fashioned childhood,” she said. “I think it’s absolutely critical for their development – to learn responsibility, to experience the world, to gain confidence and competency.”

On Dec. 20, Alexander agreed to let the children, Rafi and Dvora, walk from Woodside Park to their home, a mile south, in an area the family says the children know well.

The children made it about halfway.

Police picked up the children near the Discovery building, the family said, after someone reported seeing them.

The Meitivs say their son told police that he and his sister were not doing anything illegal and are allowed to walk. Usually, their mother said, the children carry a laminated card with parent contact information that says: “I am not lost. I am a free-range kid.” The kids didn’t have the card that day.

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