Clinton’s support falls by 21 points since July as Trump gains: Poll

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is running for the Democratic nomination, has lost an incredible 21 percent support over the past two months, a new poll has revealed.   

The latest national ABC News/Washington Post poll, released on Monday, also showed that support for Clinton’s Republican rival, Donald Trump, has, however, surged to 33 percent, which is a 9-point jump since July.

The poll has also indicated that GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, also made gains during the same period as support for traditional politicians continues to decline.

Some two-thirds of the Republicans who say they are looking for non-political experience currently support either Trump or Carson, the two non-politicians.

Clinton still leads the Democratic field, but for the first time her support has fallen below 50 percent in ABC/Post polls.



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