Cameron urged to break up UK coalition

Graham Brady (r) and Bernard Jenkin say the Conservatives need ‘at least six months’ apart from the Lib Dems to win votersâ„¢ confidence.

Senior members of Britainâ„¢s ruling Conservatives party will urge Prime Minister David Cameron to break up coalition next year, or risk losing the general election, media reports said.

A growing number of Tory MPs believe that Cameron should end his partnership with Nick Cleggâ„¢s Lib Dems sooner rather than later.

Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee of back-bench MPs, and Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the House of Commons public accounts committee, said the Conservatives need Å“at least six months” apart from the Liberal Democrats to win votersâ„¢ confidence.

The call comes as David Cameron has repeatedly said the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats would remain in government together until the next polling day in May 2015.

However, some Conservatives pushing for an early exit from the Coalition argue that with Labour becalmed by concerns about Ed Milibandâ„¢s leadership, the Toriesâ„¢ best chance of winning a majority may be to call a snap election next year.

Brady said: Å“It makes sense to plan an exit well in advance of a 2015 election. We need to convey a clear, separate identity and a separate set of aspirations from the Liberal Democrats.

Å“You canâ„¢t get those messages across in three weeks or even three months. You need a sustained period of time to ensure voters are comfortable with what you are saying – at least six months.”

Å“The other danger is that the Coalition becomes more ragged and looks less cohesive,” he added.

Jenkin, a senior backbencher, said he supported calls for the Coalition to be scrapped next year.

Å“In the end, actions speak louder than words,” he said. Å“Unless we are campaigning for a coalition after the election we had better show that we mean what we say and that we want to stand as a separate party and stand for separate things.”

However, a senior government source insisted that there was Å“no question” of a break-up before May 2015.


Republished with permission from: Press TV