Cameron says ‘no limit’ on child sex abuse inquiry – if you believe that, you’ll believe anything

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has pledged full support to the country’s law enforcement agencies investigating child abuse allegations against high-profile politicians.

Cameron says police must take actions “without fear or uncertainty about how high they can go” on any information they receive. He has also urged people to come forward about crimes committed against children.

“These are terrible crimes and that is why we have set up the Goddard inquiry, which will get to the bottom of a lot of problems in the past. These are still live investigations and if there is intelligence or information then gets it to the police and the police where appropriate should take action,” Cameron said.

“I must say that he [Cameron] is probably more concerned about the child protection arguably than his predecessors, Cameron has been very open about the support for the child protection, he’s released a large sum of money for organizations that have been looking after victims and survivors of abuse”, Gabrielle Shaw, CEO at National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) told Press TV.

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