Brits switch off energy amid high costs

New research shows more people in Britain have opted to switch off their heating and electricity goods as energy prices continue to take their toll on the UKâ„¢s hard-hit households.

The Office of National Statistics has released reports of an average 24.7-percent decrease in British energy consumption from 2005 to 2011.

The statistics show a variation across the country with the region that had the highest energy consumption in the period, the East Midlands, seeing a decrease of almost 30-percent.

Jo Ganly, an energy expert from price comparison website uSwitch explained Å“these figures show the true impact of higher energy costs. People are choosing to go without, rather than risk racking up a huge bill.”

The price increases have forced families Å“to ration” the amount of energy they use, said Ganly.

The website found seven out of ten households decided to turn off their heating during last yearâ„¢s winter.

Britons struggling to save money by decreasing energy use have made little headway, as energy companies have raised their tariffs year-on-year.

According to industry regulator Ofgem, Britain has seen an inflation busting 28-percent increase of average bills over the last three years.

Further energy costs may come, as major energy companies, EDF, Scottish Power, E.ON and npower, are set to turn up the heat on consumers with an end to their special fixed rate tariffs.

Å“I am staggered by this statistic,” said Ian Fells, emeritus professor of energy conversion at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Å“Household bills continue to soar which, if people are using less, means energy costs must have risen disproportionately,” he added.


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Republished from: Press TV