British PM David Cameron caught dozing

British PM David Cameron dozing at a wedding party.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been caught barefoot dozing on a four-poster bed with his ministerial red box beside him at his sister-in-law’s wedding.

Mouth open with one leg crossed over the other, the premier is pictured reclining behind younger sister of his wife Samantha, Alice Sheffield, 32, as she poses for a photograph.

Emily Sheffield, half-sister of Alice, posted the image on the social media website Instagram where thousands of people shared and liked it thousands of times on Twitter and Instagram.

The image was taken when David Cameron had just returned from the G20 summit in St Petersburg.

Cameron may be surprised that such a candid photograph of himself has been posted online.

Cameron™s aides say he sometimes takes naps to refresh himself when he is travelling around. The premier’s working days begin at 5am, according to aides.


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