British MP: UK govt. fuels extremism

George Galloway blames UK govt. for extremist acts inside Britain

British MP George Galloway says the UK government has fueled extremism by supporting Israeli regimeâ„¢s occupations and partaking in U.S.-led invasion of Muslim countries.

In an interview with the state-run Russian TV, Russia Today, George Galloway expounded on his earlier remarks in which he compared the Woolwich attackers to UK-sponsored terrorists in Syria.

The British MP from Respect Party condemned the Woolwich murder as a Å“grotesque and sickening act of murder involving either an attempt of successful beheading of someone by fanatic extremists”.

He said however that Å“this is the sort of thing that happens in Syria every day, except sometimes they even cut out the heart and the liver of the deceased and eat it on video for the entertainment of their brothers in the barracks afterwards. And Britain is helping to pay for that sickening barbarism in Syria. But when it comes close to home, happens on our own streets by the same kind of people, these people influenced by the al-Qaeda mindset are exactly the same kind of people that we are paying for, arming, giving all kinds of war material and agitating to give them more in Syria”.

Å“So I simply ask David Cameron as I asked him before in Parliament if he would adumbrate the key differences between the hand-chopping throat-cutting fanatics that we saw in Woolwich yesterday and the hand-chopping throat-cutting fanatics we are giving money and weapons to in Syria”, added George Galloway.

The British MP roundly and categorically dismissed the idea that Islam pushes people to do such extremists acts.

He said: Å“I donâ„¢t accept that at all anymore than the butchery of Franco the Spanish Fascist dictator had anything to do with Jesus Christ even if the people doing the torturing and the butchering were wearing the cross on their sleeves. George W. Bush was a fanatic, born again Christian he said. But again that had nothing to do with Jesus. So I donâ„¢t accept that at all”.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV