Breaking Documentary Exposes Mind Control
June 20, 2013

Many Infowars readers and listeners are familiar with Free Mind Films’ first endeavor, A Noble Lie, which exposed the agenda, lies and facts surrounding the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. Their current film, available now at, is State of Mind: The Psychology of Control.

Intensely researched and brimming with captivating interviews, State of Mind tells the story of how we have been manipulated, conned and subjugated since the beginning of man’s recorded history. This engrossing documentary explores public education, mass-media, pharmaceutical drugs and many other tools of the apparatus of control.

Including interviews with some of the most recognizable and knowledgeable writers, filmmakers and activists, State of Mind delves deeply into the history of those power brokers and pimps who would turn this world into their own personal plantation and its people into chattel slaves.

Now we must take back that power. Our only true weapon for change remains knowledge. We must be constantly on the lookout for the vagaries of the ruling elite in order to expose them at every opportunity. While we often find it uncomfortable to share this type of information with the somnambulant masses for fear of ridicule or scorn, it is our duty to ourselves to see it done.

Few better tools for this sharing exist than good quality films, podcasts and radio programs, which speak concisely and evenly with well-researched material and exciting presentation. State of Mind: The Psychology of Control is one such film.

Buy it now on Blu-ray or DVD exclusively at .

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